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YT Channel ID Finder

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About YT Channel Id Finder Tool

What is Channel ID?


All YouTube channels have a unique ID. Like any other ID, YouTube IDs are an inherent part of any YouTube channel and will always redirect users to the channel. It is why you may sometimes find that your channel may have seemingly different URL's, all directed to your channel's homepage. It is because they all contain your channel ID and other details are quite inconsequential provided they point back to your channel.


Importance of Channel ID's


YouTube channel ID's can be used for social apps to show YouTube information and feeds. So to direct traffic from your social networks directly to your channel, you need your channel ID. Redirecting traffic from other sources to your channel is one great way to grow your subscriber's list, increase engagement, and ultimately increase revenue. So, by now you’re probably wondering how you can extract these ids. Wondering if it’s rocket science or some laborious endeavor. Without further ado, brace up yourself to see the easiest and fastest way to extract your channel ids.

Requirements? Just the channel URL and you’re set.


How to Extract YouTube Channel ID's

With the advent of, it’s quite easy to do virtually anything on YouTube. As a matter of fact, the ID extraction tool is just one of our many efficient tools.

You need your YouTube channel at your fingertip, and we can help you get it at any time. Once you get on our website, get scroll down and click on “Extract YouTube Channel ID”. The next page requires you to provide your page URL and that’s all. With just one click, the channel ID of the channel in question is laid bare right before you. You should try it out.