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YT Find Video Tags

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About YT Video Tags Finder Tool

YouTube Video Tags


Video tags are a great way to improve your YouTube video ranking. Those little words you attach to your videos can work wonders. With proper adherence to SEO principles, tags can help ensure that more people get to see your videos. You stand a chance of getting more clicks, some come-back viewers, and, maybe, subscribers. Some may even go ahead to click the “bell” icon. Isn’t that what you want?

On the other hand, improper application of YouTube tags may ruin your dreams of being one of YouTube’s highest earners. So you certainly need to get this right.


How Can I Get The Best Video Tags?

What better way to get video tags than to look up what’s tried and true? Most people just look up what some of the top guns in their niche are doing. They simply go on their videos and see the tags they have used to publish such videos. Because if they’re so high up, it means they’re doing something right. It means their tags are SEO-based and you have a greater chance of success using those or similar tags.

However, in recent times YouTube has blocked viewers from seeing the tags used to upload a video. Yes, the YouTube algorithm reads those tags and judges a video by them but users cannot see the tags used. What a red-face moment it was for most YouTubers when they discovered the new update.

It doesn’t have to be a red-faced moment for you, too. What if I told you there’s a way you can take a sneak peak

How to Extract YouTube Video Tags

Extracting tags from a YouTube video is pretty easy with this amazing tool put together by the team at I’m sure you’re yearning to know how to extract YouTube video tags without breaking a sweat.

Once you’re on the aforementioned website, simply click on “Extract video tags”. The next page is where the magic happens. All you need do is copy the URL of your desired video and paste it into the search bar then click “View Tags.” That simple and the tags are laid bare before your eyes. You can simply use them on your videos, modify them, or just have a feel of what works and what doesn’t.