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Watch YT Age Restricted Videos

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About YT Live Subscribers

What are the Age-Restricted Videos?


As the name implies, they are videos that can only be watched by users above a certain age (usually 18). YouTube categorizes some content as “Age-restricted”. These are videos that do not necessarily violate YouTube terms or policies but are considered inappropriate for some sections of the YouTube audience. They may also remove the thumbnail from such videos. Such contents are not made visible to users who are not logged in, users below 18 years of age, and uses who have enabled Restricted Mode.

H2: How Can I Watch Age-Restricted Videos?


The simple thing you can do is log in and watch them. But… wait. I can imagine you’re surfing the internet and stumble on an age-restricted YouTube video, you’re requested to log in before you can watch it badly. You need it for research purposes to complete your homework or just for fun. You’ve probably forgotten your login details or you’re simply too lazy to type in those characters to log in and watch it. Don’t worry! You’ve not hit a roadblock as there’s a way you can go about this easily.

If you can relate well to do this then you know how much a fun-spoiler the login aspect can be. That’s why we’ve created a tool with which you can watch the video easily and conveniently. All you’ll be needing is the video URL and we’ll do the rest for you.

NB: You don’t need any login details on our website to use the tool. Just enjoy your video.


How to Use Our Restriction Skipper Tool

Yes! Our tool helps you skip restrictions. This is because we’ve found a way to go around YouTube's algorithm. I’m So, here’s how it works.

Ø First things first, you enter or simply hit this link  CLICK HERE 

Ø Next up, you scroll down the page and click “Watch Age Restricted Videos”.

Ø Here’s where you'll be needing the video URL. Simply input it into the search bar and click on “Show Video.”

Ø That’s simply what it does. It simply displays the video without requiring to provide login details.

So when next you need quickly catch some fun with some restricted videos, you can skip the stress of providing login details and just use our tool instead. We got you!