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YT Custom Video Embed Generator

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On-the-fly playlist (comma-seperated video IDs) ( ? )
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Custom Parameters
Where did the other options go?

Some features previously available in this tool are now offered as official YouTube features, and so do not require complex workarounds.

About YT Video Embed

What is an Embed Code?


An Embed Code is a chunk of HTML that bears certain inherent details of a file. Users are expected to copy this and paste on their websites in a bid to “embed” a given file.

Now since most people are put off by the word “code”, it’s necessary to point out that you won’t be needing any prior coding knowledge to use an Embed Code. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to understand what the code is saying. Simply copy all of it, and paste it into the appropriate field.

The embed codes could vary in length. Advanced hosting services usually have longer embed codes with more sophisticated features.


Importance of Video Embeds


Video embeds are a sure way to boost your reach. They help channel traffic back to your YouTube account thereby giving prospective followers multiple chances to fall in love with you. You’ve got that video on YouTube, with multiple social media accounts and a website. All these platforms can be likened to the planets orbiting the sun – your brand. So channel the traffic from multiple sources back towards putting you more out there.

Don’t worry, all hosting services feature and support embed codes that allow you to insert your videos in your website.

Having ascertained the importance of this technology, some people have a hard time generating video embed codes. Some others successfully generate these codes but can’t utilize it properly. That’s why we have designed this tool to make the entire process easy for individuals across all ages and levels of technical knowledge.


How to Use Our Custom Embed Code Generator for Videos

This tool was created with the desire to simplify the process while maintaining sophistication. It’s super easy to use.

  • First, log on to On the site, you’ll neither be required to create an account no bullied into leaving any information – your choice.
  • Once in, a list of our YouTube tools displays on the home page. You may need to click on “show more” to find what you’re looking for.
  • Then click on “Custom Embed Codes
  • On the search bar, you can then insert the URL or ID of the video you wish to generate the embed code for.
  • You can then hit the search and wait for a couple of seconds to get the embed code.
  • You may need to scroll down towards the bottom of the page then copy the code to your clipboard.
  • Go to your HTML window viewer on your website or blog and paste the HTML snippet you just copied. Then click 'Save' or 'OK'
  • That easy! You have now embedded the video content into your website or blog.
  • It’s basically the same process to embed your videos on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network that supports embedded videos.


Why our YouTube Embed Code Generator?

A quick search on the internet will provide a list of online embed code generators. However, like with everything else, some services are just plain better than others. Without the desire to put down anyone, I dare say we have one of the best YouTube embed code generators in the market. And without further ado, I’ll give you some reasons why I recommend you use the embed code Generator provided by So, here goes.

It’s one of the most sophisticated embed code generators in the market with a plethora of cool add-ons. When you insert the video URL or ID and click search, it not only generates the embed code, it gives you a myriad of options which are then ingrained in the code. Some of these options include play options like your desired height and width of the video and the start and stop time of the video (in seconds). This feature can be strategic. If you only want your web visitors to watch a captivating or suspenseful part of the video and then have them crave for the completion. You can set the start and stop time as such. This leaves them with no option but to visit your site and they may just be your new subscribers.

You also have Appearance choices to make from this list.

  • Force 1080 HD Resolution
  • Use Enhanced Security
  • Use Enhanced Privacy
  • Modest Branding
  • Disable dropdown video information box
  • Do not show related videos on playback
  • The show closed captions by default
  • Annotations disabled by default
  • Use alternate "Light" UI theme

And Control Options such as:

  • Autoplay Video
  • Loop the video/playlist
  • Disable fullscreen button
  • Use a white progress bar instead of red
  • Do not autohide play bar
  • Disable player controls
  • Disable keyboard control shortcuts

All you need do is check the required box(es). In a nutshell, you have full control of the embed code that will be generated and can use it to your marketing advantage. There’s no real reason why you shouldn’t try this out. See you on the inside. Ciao!